Welcome to Karis' 
Bookkeeping & Tax Prep Services!

What is Bookkeeping anyway?
The activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business. 

What services do you provide?

New QuickBooks company file set-up and maintenance
Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance of existing QuickBooks company file
Organization of physical files and receipts
Creation of Financial Statements
1099 tracking and annual processing
Meeting with you and your accountant to ensure a smooth tax return filing process

What exactly will you do for me?

I will use QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019 (awesome financial software) to input and organize all of your income and expenses from all your various bank and credit card accounts, reconcile your accounts, produce for you financial statements (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet), and regularly correspond with you to answer any questions.  This will be particularly helpful to those with lots of business deductions to find.  This can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  I have 14 years of experience with general bookkeeping and QuickBooks.  I can do your bookkeeping remotely utilizing QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019. We can arrange a process either online or in person for you to get me your bank statements, credit card statements, check register and cash receipts.  I will then input all of your information to QuickBooks, reconcile all accounts, regularly correspond with you to answer any questions, and return all your documents along with your necessary financial statements (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet).  This can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  

(sample financial statements)

What will you need from me to get started?

1. Your online banking data for bank, credit card and paypal/venmo accounts.  I will need bank statements, as well as your downloaded banking data for QuickBooks Web Connect (.QBO file type) if your bank has that option.  Not all banks have that option so don't worry if you can't find it.
2. Account history reports for sites like Amazon and Groupon (if you use them).
3. Copies of (or your original) check register(s) if you write checks.
4. Any cash receipts you may have.

Can you get me caught up on past years?


Can we do this without meeting in person?


Will I be ready to file my taxes once you're done?


What experience do you have?

Please check out my full bookkeeping credentials, my resume, or my reference letters under the 'About Karis' tab!

What do you charge for bookkeeping services?

I charge $45 per hour for bookkeeping services.  The amount of time spent on a year of bookkeeping can vary widely for each clients' varying needs and accounts, making it hard to estimate how long your particular business will take.  However, I typically spend 12-16 hours on one year of bookkeeping (including meetings and organizing papers/receipts) for a single working self-employed professional/small business owner.  Considering the number of bank accounts and credit card accounts you have, you can use the following chart to estimate how long your bookkeeping will take me.  Also, the longer I work with a client, the easier the bookkeeping becomes/the less time it takes each year.

  1 bank account
(60 average transactions)
 1 credit card account
Working from monthly bank statements only:  3.5 hrs
(for 1 year)
 1 hr
(for 1 year)
Working from a web connect .QBO file (if your bank allows exporting to QuickBooks): 1.5 hrs 
(for 1 year)
.5 hr
(for 1 year) 

Do you charge a bookkeeping deposit or retainer?

I do require a $200 up front deposit/retainer for bookkeeping services, which will later be applied to your invoice.